Invention is an eccentric sort, but he is always friendly to anyone who approaches. He sometimes gets a distant look and a quirky smile as if he is in on some secret that no one else knows about. He is not too tall, nor too short. He is not too fat, nor is he too thin. Some say he looks very young for his years while others think he is much older than he appears. Invention has white hair that he precisely brushes to one side with his hand, and he has bright, piercing blue eyes that appear even larger because of the 200 something year old, perfectly round spectacles perched on his nose.

Invention lives in a mysterious old house just on the edge of town. When looking at it straight on, it almost looks a little crooked and tilted to one side as if it was the center of a timeline changing event at some point in history. The first two floors are very neat and comfortable as fitting a man of Invention’s stature, but there is a mysterious third floor that only a special few have ever seen. Some say you can only reach it by a secret staircase. It only appears for those who have the imagination to see it. At the top of the narrow secret stairs is Invention’s Attic. At first it seems like a small room filled with amazing curiosities either made by Invention himself or collected over many years in his fabled travels. Several unusually shaped doors lead to more amazing rooms which lead to more amazing rooms. If you pass through the right rooms in the right sequence, you will find Invention’s Workshop itself. It is in this workshop that Invention creates fantastic things, repairs old treasures, and prepares his mysterious collection of curiosities to be displayed in the secret rooms of Invention’s Attic.